Say yes | Diane Direct


Diane SanfilippoDiane: Direct,Lifestyle & Mindset2 Comments

This never changes, no matter where you are in your journey or which path you’re on. You can choose to say yes or no to opportunities. And discerning between opportunities and distractions is not always easy! In fact, that decision making process is a skill that needs to be honed, a muscle that must be consistently worked. And there will …

Do you believe in yourself? | Diane Direct

Do You Believe In Yourself?

Diane SanfilippoDiane: Direct,Lifestyle & Mindset7 Comments

This one is HARD. Because often people who are *supposed* to love and support us unconditionally, like family, are some of the *least* supportive. The problem is that as we grow into adulthood, we also often maintain unhealthy, sometimes codependent relationships with our family when we really need to break free from that. Just because you were born into the …

confidence | Diane Direct


Diane SanfilippoDiane: Direct,Lifestyle & Mindset8 Comments

如何获得/建立信心:下一次你发现自己说或思考,“但我不知道该怎么做,”看着办吧。我不能告诉你的时候,人们都对我说,这个数字,“但我不知道如何使用MailChimp(例如)” ......人们!没有人出生知道如何去做更多的事情。不...

Your Voice Matters

Diane SanfilippoDiane: Direct,Lifestyle & Mindset14 Comments

The number of times I’ve heard women say, “but there are already so many people teaching about this topic,” or “there’s too much competition,” or “I’ll never catch up to her,” or “but I don’t have anything worth saying.” YOU GUYS. Can you imagine if I had let those thoughts stop me when there were a ton of people already …

10 things that losing the same 10 pounds over and over again has taught me. | Diane Sanfilippo

10 things that losing the same 10 pounds over and over again has taught me.

Diane SanfilippoDiane: Direct,Health & Wellness,Weight Loss120 Comments

Some of you may know this, others may not, but I am exceptionally good at gaining weight. I cook delicious food, and I often over-work and over-stress myself in ways that make the balance of my life tip. And, so, it happens. But over the years (and facing down the big 4-0 in a couple of weeks), I’ve learned a …

Why I stopped drinking coffee. | Diane Sanfilippo

Why I stopped drinking coffee (and what I drink instead)

Diane SanfilippoDiane: Direct,Health & Wellness96 Comments

A LOT of people have been asking why I stopped drinking coffee. I stopped drinking coffee in January when I started my tour for my newest book, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide. Why? Well, on an early tour stop, I bought cold brew, poured it, mixed it with my coconut milk in my hotel room, then took one sip …

Why I *don't* just talk about food. #DIANEDIRECT | Diane Sanfilippo

Why I don’t just talk about food

Diane SanfilippoBusiness,Diane: Direct9 Comments

Part of what I’m here (in the world) to do is to WAKE people up. Whether it’s to the fact that we have control over our health largely through what we eat, by shining light on the uncomfortable conversations that *need* to take place, or opening up and dismantling the judgment and criticism that this social media-based world somehow makes …

圣op holding yourself back. #DIANEDIRECT | Diane Sanfilippo

圣op holding yourself back (a little tough love)

Diane SanfilippoBusiness,Diane: Direct45条评论

I’ve heard from many of you recently that you’re stopped in your tracks, afraid to share something you feel passionate about with the world. Or unsure of how to start. Or simply worried what people will say… Don’t wait to serve the world with your gifts until you (or your work) appear in a way that some people deem acceptable. …

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